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SWOT analysis of family business

SWOT analysis of family business

Posted by Connecor Team in Releases 30 Apr 2015

The SWOT analysis is an excellent tool for organizing information, presenting solutions, identifying roadblocks and emphasizing opportunities:


  • Greater capacity for progress
  • Less bureaucracy for decision-making
  • Greater commitment.
  • More entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Greater opportunities in segmented markets
  • Best social and working atmosphere

WEAKNESSES                                        teamwork icon

  • Poor discipline for profit
  • Stagnation in the marketing
  • Excessive nepotism
  • Objectivity in the evaluation of employed family members
  • Excessive regulation
  • Difficulties to convert shareholding into cash
  • Structural, strategic and systems’ problems

OPPORTUNITIES                                      stats board icon

  • Valuable reputation
  • Loyalty of the staff
  • Unity between management and shareholders
  • Social sensitivity
  • Continuity

THREATS                                                   money icon

  • Financial needs to maintain cash flow and development
  • Problems in accessing credit
  • Coexistence of the family and non-family managers
  • Confusing property with capacity
  • Not follow the market laws
  • Confusing contractual ties with emotional bonds
  • Delaying succession