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Connecor is a business transfer agency providing expert transaction management to private businesses and companies during the transition period when the ownership of a business or company changes hands.

Our company offers services to assist business owners to plan for their exit and to help future owners finding and entering a business. We have developed proven business exit and entry strategies to facilitate the transition of the ownership of a company or business.

We help our clients define their objectives and identify the best alternatives based on their goals and targets.

You focus on the business, we focus on the deal.

At Connecor we know as no other company how to present and offer a business for sale. As a current owner you want to know what price to expect, and what needs to be done to prepare your company for sale. As a potential buyer you want to know how fast you will earn back your investment.

Whether you are buying or selling, Connecor can assist you with negotiations and brokerage during the complete sales process, from inception to closing.

We offer specialized services as valuations of businesses, preparation of sales dossiers (Confidential Business Reviews), we help design promotion plans for selling, or search engagements, we help structuring a deal, coming up with creative ideas how to make an exit possible or how to enter, without headache and limiting risks and liabilities.