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Accessing key markets

Connecor Investments focuses particularly on Europe, Southeast Asia and South America. In addition to our own dedicated offices in Hong Kong, Cyprus, Ebene (Mauritius) and Shanghai, we have 5 group affiliated offices, where we can attend clients and offer a limited range of services as well as associated offices (sister companies) in 30 countries covering every continent.


Review our Business Listings in Europe

The European Union (EU) has grown now to 28 member states and a number of other countries have applied for membership. It now forms one of the worlds’ biggest and wealthiest markets: with a combined population of over 500 million inhabitants, 7.3% of the world population, the EU generated a nominal GDP of US$16,242 billion in 2010, which represents an estimated 20% of the global GDP.

Because of the size, expansion and integration of the EU, more and more companies are setting up new ventures in member states, and companies and investors from outside the EU are increasingly interested in having a presence in the EU community.

At Connecor our Cyprus office have full-range Services, where we provide the national and international markets with exit & entry planning and strategies, M&A and business brokerage activities and a whole range of specialized services dedicated to help during the transition of ownership of companies and businesses. From Cyprus we also attend the Greek, Russian and Eastern European markets as well as the Middle East.

From Cyprus we also service the Dutch and UK markets, providing companies with entry strategies in other parts of the world, but also in more than 40 countries where we have experience and knowledge; we offer to assist Dutch and UK companies with (setting up) subsidiaries in Cyprus with their expansion (looking at acquisitions candidates) or divesting (selling or closing of local subsidiaries or assets) in these markets.

We provide clients around the world with the necessary leads and contacts to enter markets in The Netherlands or the UK, and assist them with a possible entry strategy in those markets, to find acquisition targets in the EU markets (search engagements) and we assist with a range of specialized services.


Review our Business listing in Asia

Emerging markets like China, India and Indonesia are increasingly attractive for foreign investors. At the same time, companies and investors from these markets are making more investments abroad than ever before.
According to the Chinese Commerce Department, in the first half of 2011, Chinese investors invested directly in 2,169 companies in 117 countries and regions, with an accumulated direct foreign non-financial investments amount of US $239 billion.

Through our office in Hong Kong Connecor plays an increasing role in business brokerage and exit planning throughout Asia and the Middle East.
We have established good business relationships with many clients and partners from different backgrounds and different businesses. We use our experience to help buyers and sellers identify and coordinate investments in and out of China. We can also be your connecting partner in this region..

From our office in Hong Kong we serve our clients interested in the Chinese market, or our Chinese clients interested in outbound investments and M&A activities.
This office will provide clients with the possible entry strategies for the Chinese market and help Chinese international investors with detecting the possibilities in one of the markets where we are present

South America

Review our Business listings in South America

Strong historic, cultural, linguistic and entrepreneurial ties between South America and Spain, as well as global trends of internationalization, expansion, mergers and acquisitions, are motivating a growing number of entrepreneurs in Europe, Southeast Asia and South America to look cross border to sell their businesses or invest in new or existing business outside their home country. Increasing numbers of businesses for instance, from Spain are investing in South America, and a growing number of South American investors are showing interest in investing in Spain.
Connecor has successfully connected businesses on both sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.


Connecor has serviced clients in Africa, particularly in southern and eastern Africa – South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola, and in Kenya.