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The office in Hong Kong (HQ)

LocationHong Kong
Office Jurisdictions:  Asia
Managing DirectorRomeu Caetano
Legal Entity:  Connecor Investments S.L
Established Since2013
Industries CoveredFinancial, Logistics, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Real Estate, Storage and Warehouse, Trading
Services OfferedEntry & Exit strategies, Search engagements, Specialized Services

At a glance

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Hong Kong’s economic growth and prosperity have been supported by an open trade and investment regime complemented by a highly educated and flexible workforce, and a transparent legal and regulatory environment. The city has evolved into an efficient global and regional transport and trade hub. Its location gives international companies an important two-way portal for commercial engagement with China and neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia.

The free movement of capital in and out of Hong Kong has accelerated the city’s development as an international commercial and financial centre. A strong institutional framework including the rule of law has attracted a number of important corporate headquarters to Hong Kong. The financial sector is expected to grow further, boosted by China’s designation of Hong Kong as its offshore centre for the international use of the Renminbi (China’s currency).

Moreover, with China’s efforts to broaden the international use of Renminbi, the financial services sector is expecting to elevate to another stage. International organizations tend to actively participate in banking, logistics, HHRR consultancies, engineering, construction, aviation, architecture, financial and legal services, insurance, tourism and retailing.

Hong Kong enjoys a well-earned reputation as a free and open market that allows unhindered movement of capital, goods and services. Its reputation as an international financial centre is fortified by a highly-regarded and transparent legal and financial system.

Connecor focuses on creating a hub with quality portfolio of investment opportunities for both inbound (investing in Chinese companies and/or assets) and outbound (Chinese international expansion) investments. We also attend clients with specific services related to international investments, entry and exit strategies and M&A.

Contact Details:

Rooms 2019-20, 20/F,
Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong
Tel.: +852 3769 6377
Fax: +852 3769 6056