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Promotion of Investment Opportunities


Clients approach us to realize projects that are either new or in progress, and need (more) funding. Connecor can introduce these projects to private equity funds and professional investors so that your project can be financed.

For new business owners, buyers or investors in businesses or assets, the process of selling, acquiring or investing is very similar; depending on which side of the table the client sits. It mirrors the selling process.

Connecor offers professional mediation services to both the current owners of investment opportunities (selling parties) and future owners and investors looking for these opportunities (buying, participating or investing parties) alike.

For owners of an asset, a property or project

We assist in distinguishing the different types of investors and where to locate them. We prepare the right documentation, create selling tools to stir interest, and prepare the investment proposal. We ensure the owner understands the alternatives and the consequences of selecting and approaching a specific investors’ group.

For the investors or future owners

Who are looking for an interesting investment, the process is similar to that above.  After deciding to look for an investment in a certain industry and/or market, the investor needs to define what to look for, what is the profile and what are the under and upper limits for the investment. Should the investment be made through buying shares (participations) or assets? How should the investment be structured? How is the operation to be run once the investment is made (is personnel and management included in a deal) and how do you develop the property.

Connecor has access to a worldwide network, numerous data bases and trade register data of registered companies in most countries, as well as industry reports and quarterly economic data on national, state and regional level. Through our proven reporting and analyzing tools we are able to offer our clients not only up-to-date data, but also customized information, relevant for each one’s personal situation and investments.