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Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Brokerage

m&a business brokerage

You focus on the business; we´ll focus on the deal.

Connecting Buyers and Sellers

As a business transfer agent, Connecor Investments acts as an intermediary between owners and future owners of small and medium-sized businesses. Our clients come from all over the world. Headquartered in Barcelona, we are very well connected in Europe. Latin America and Southeast Asia are fast-growing markets for our services. We also see a lot of potential in certain parts of Africa and the Middle East.

We also intermediate between sellers and buyers of tangible assets such as industrial plants and large machinery, and intangible assets like trademarks.

And we have selected various interesting investment opportunities ranging from distressed companies to participations in start-up companies.

Connecor Investments assists both buyers and sellers of privately held small and medium-sized businesses throughout the buying and selling process. Although we normally represent one of the parties in a deal, we do see the importance to broker a sound deal for both parties to be able to reach a solid agreement. We firmly believe in our role as a transaction broker pursuing a synergy of interests, instead of turning a negotiation into a battle between a seller and a buyer with conflicting interests. 

Business Transfers: From Current to New Owners

Connecor has the experience and expertise to assist both sellers and buyers during the sale or purchase of a business or other business assets. We know the bottlenecks and can help clear them. We also know when to bring in outside assistance from other professional intermediaries such as lawyers, tax advisors, auditors, and banks.

We assist the current and future owners during the transfer period to make the change of ownership as smooth as possible and both can focus on the business itself while we oversee all the steps required to realize the transfer.

Together with fiscal and legal experts, we will propose the best possible deal structure to prevent both parties from paying too much in taxes. We will assist in drawing up the necessary contracts and see to it that all parties involved are protected against unforeseen events, future claims and contingencies.

Connecor Investments offers a complete range of services and reports that allows you, as a business owner, to evaluate your business or asset(s) and place it on the market at a fair price and under competitive conditions.

If you wish to increase your market share, enter a new market or service, or become a self-employed business owner, buying an existing business increases your chances of success.

Whether you are a current or future owner, Connecor Investments can provide you with the expertise necessary to develop the various structures and financing possibilities required to make a deal happen, while you run or get to know the business and stay on top of operations.

Our services include

  • Business valuation services, preparation of sales dossier and teaser
  • Management of and preparation of confidential information memorandums
  • Identification of prospective buyers and/or sellers and assist during negotiations and discussions with these parties
  • Providing the necessary legal documentation to support the negotiation of purchase and sale transactions, including but not limited to sale & purchase agreements and other deal-related agreements
  • Assisting with due diligence
  • Resolving transaction issues throughout the process.

Connecor Investments acts as advisor to a private equity fund on corporate mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, as well as debt and equity financing regarding to new and existing M&A projects.