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Business Transfer Services

specific services buying and selling buisness

Buying and selling a business (the transfer of ownership) is a complex transaction that requires knowledge, experience and dedication. If you are a current owner, you’ll need all your time to manage the day-to-day business. If you are a future owner, you’ll need to devote much time to learning about the business and how to run it.

We sincerely believe that both business owners and buyers of/investors in existing businesses or companies, are better off to have expert help in the process of selling or acquiring a business. However, it might be that one or both parties are in privileged position of having that assistance or having knowledge of the transfer process, and only require a specific support in one or a few areas of the process.

In-house Expertise and Experience

At Connecor Investments we are in a position to offer you, the current or future business owners, with certain services and support during a specific phase of the transfer period. We know how to estimate the value of a business or asset and locate interested parties (with or without disclosing your identity). We handle initial interviews with potential buyers and discussions and negotiations with prospective buyers, facilitate the progress of the due diligence investigation, and generally assist with the business sale. We can offer the following services on a stand-alone basis, with always the possibility to extend the scope of our assistance later on. We

  • Estimate the value of a business or the business assets
  • Prepare the business or assets for sale and advertise (with or without disclosing the identity)
  • In the case of acquisitions, we search for appropriate businesses to acquire
  • Handle initial seller and potential buyer interviews
  • Conduct or assist in negotiations with prospective sellers and buyers
  • Facilitate the exchange of documentation
  • We facilitate the due diligence investigation and in general assist throughout the entire process of selling or buying a business