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Business Entry/Exit Strategy Planning

road map exit entry strategy

A comprehensive and integrated exit plan empowers you as a business owner. The same is true for a buyer or investor looking to acquire a company or business: plan the work, work the plan.

It gives you the crucial information you need to make the best decisions and the tools to maximize proceeds of selling or value for money when investing.

Exit Planning

After the years of hard work growing your business it is of the utmost importance to avoid mistakes when selling your business. Remarkably, many former business owners report they regretted that the sale of their business did not achieve their personal or business objectives. Research shows that former business owners admit they did not understand all of their options, were unable to make informed decisions, and did not know where to turn for advice and correct information. Common mistakes include:

  • Not knowing when to exit their business
  • Being reactive rather than proactive
  • Missed strategic opportunities
  • Not knowing the value of their companies
  • Not knowing where and how to find successors or buyers
  • Paying too much in taxes when selling their companies

A well-developed exit strategy shows you, as a business owner, how to maximize the value of your business and minimize taxes. It also ensures that you will achieve all your personal and financial objectives in the process. Connecor helps business owners define and implement exit strategies. A well writen exit strategy is a comprehensive road map that enables business owners to successfully exit a privately held business. The exit strategy asks and answers all the critical questions that business owners and their advisors must consider when the time has come for them to leave a company. An exit from a business can mean the following:

  • Succession by a family member;
  • Contract new management;
  • Looking at a management buy-in (MBI);
  • Looking at a management buy-out (MBO);
  • A merger with a competitor, supplier or client;
  • Selling the company;
  • Selling the assets;
  • Liquidation of the company;

We make the transfer of ownership as smooth as possible and allow current and future owners to focus on the business itself, by overseeing all the necessary steps to realize the chosen exit route.

Entry Plan

When considering an entry in a new market, or an expansion or  diversification of existing activities, a buyer or investor has several options to pursue their goals. The acquisition of an existing company is but one of these options, Other entry options are:

  • Growing internally;
  • Starting the activities from scratch;
  • Looking for a merger;
  • Looking for a joint-venture;
  • Looking for a partner, cooperation (license) agreement;
  • Participating in an existing company;
  • Taking over an existing company;

Our reports and analysis will give you the desired leverage and strengthen your position while negotiating a transaction. You can evaluate various business opportunities and compare the options in the market under competitive conditions. Connecor not only estimates the value of businesses, we also know where to find interested parties. Moreover, we can handle initial potential buyer interviews, discussions and negotiations with prospective buyers, facilitate the progress of due diligence, and generally assist with the business sale and transfer processes. Together with financial and legal experts, we will develop a tailor-made solution to ensure the transaction is carried out in the most tax efficient manner. We will draw up the necessary contracts and protect all parties involved against unforeseen events, future claims and contingencies.